Hi there! I’m Leah and I am an artist and creator of Lobe Lures Handmade Bows. I am a wife and mother and I’ve loved different forms of art for many years. My small business started out with clay jewelry. I took my first pottery class in 2014 and in that class I came up with the idea to make one-of-a-kind clay earrings. That is also where the name “Lobe Lures” started. 

While I continued to make clay jewelry, I also relearned how to sew from my mother-in- law. My husband bought me an old, but new to me Kenmore sewing machine and I just fell in love with sewing! I started making bows because I thought they were adorable and I had a lot of vintage fabric and scrap pieces that I had found and collected over the years. I really enjoy being able to make art from repurposed materials and create something that not everyone else has. I thought it would be a fun and new creative outlet for me. Something that is very important to me is that all of my products are quality, long lasting, and durable. Over the past year, I discovered my sense of style with these bows and they just took off. It has been a very fun journey to be on! 

I have really enjoyed growing into this small business and strive to make something that is quality and special for others to treasure. My desire is for every person who wears the accessories I make to feel and know that they are beautiful and unique. Thank you for being apart of this journey with me! 


Leah Corbin